Nutriri* asks "do you LOVE dieting?" (watch the video ^^ and let us know)
like you, we've grown tired of the same old conversations around food, bodies and diet! (we want to LOVE ours too) - so decided to do something about it...
start stopping!
Are you here to find ease around food and/or self image?

(OR you might have already found your own ease and want to help others do the same...)
Do you seek the support of likeminded people?

We have members who wish to gain, lose or maintain their weight whilst learning how to finally STOP dieting!
Do you know about mindful eating?

(some folk also call it conscious or intuitive eating)
Thanks! We shall send details of our online interactive dietstop/mindful eating workshop soon... (what a mouthful!) *

our ultimate aim is to have a weekly group available wherever you find 'other' clubs; please let us know where you'd like to see a Nutriri* AND be brave; let us know if YOU want to be the person to run it?!? (answering this one will not commit you to anything) PLEASE enter your TOWN and the words PICK ME with your NAME - thanks :)
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